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Oh, what FUN!

Hello, and THANKS for visiting our website! Here at Southport FUNdamentals, we are all about making learning FUN! We believe that joy is contagious and that learning from an engaging teacher just feels good!


OUR GOAL is to provide a gathering place where students of all agesbabies, toddlers, big kids, teens AND adults—can learn something new in a fun and welcoming environment!

We invite you to check out our upcoming CLASSES & CAMPS and OPEN PLAY HOURS  to see if anything looks like a match! We also love celebrating life's milestones with PRIVATE PARTIES, so please consider letting us host your next event!

Stay here to learn more, or read GOOGLE REVIEWS to hear what others have to say!

At Southport FUNdamentals, we offer music and dance classes that are fun and good for both your brain and body. Our FUN-tastic instructors bring years of experience to your lessons, so you can learn the fundamentals of music and dance in a safe and supportive environment.

We strive to create a space that is inclusive and welcoming to all, where everyone can develop their skills and express themselves through music and dance. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, southportFUNdamentals has something for you. Come join us and have some fun!

Which ancient Greek philosopher said "I'm just here for the snacks"? Just kidding. We just made that up to get a chuckle!


Those of us with experience in the kitchen how much joy gets poured in when preparing a meal for someone else and we want to share that feeling with others. We believe that cooking and baking skills are learned best when elbow-to-elbow with someone who's done it before, so we provide a warm environment for our students to learn, grow, and connect with one another. 

When working with young learners in the kitchen, we sneak in mini math and science lessons  (it's never a bad time to talk about boiling points and the fundamentals of fractions, right?)  and stick to very simple recipes to help our young chefs gain confidence! We hope you'll sign up to cook up some FUN with us.

At Southport FUNdamentals, we believe that "tinkering" is a fun way to get young learners interested in engineering...whether fixing a broken toy or fixing broken code at a programming class. When faced with fixing something that is broken, we take things apart, read instruction manuals, share ideas respectfully, watch videos of other people solving similar problems, and always focus on safety. 

While sharing the sheer thrill of repairing something that wasn't working properly before, our instructors teach students the properties of materials and the importance of testing when designing and building.

Most importantly, we teach the fundamentals of creative problem-solving and hope to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Mending a loose button or a rip in your pants is a critical life skill, not to mention an absolutely awesome feeling!

We are here to teach adults and/or youngsters the fundamentals of sewing, knitting, and crochet (as well as how to fold a fitted sheet for anyone interested!) in a judgment-free and patient environment. 

The fun part is seeing the shining eyes of the student who holds up their finished project with pride! There is nothing like it!

We will be sew* very happy if you'll join us! 

*see what we did there?

At Southport FUNdamentals, we believe that moving your body is essential for both physical and mental health. We want to help you have fun and enjoy the process of getting fit and staying healthy.

Our group workouts are designed to challenge your body while also providing a sense of community and support. We offer a variety of classes taught by skilled instructors who focus on moving your body through yoga, dance, and strength and conditioning classes.

We feel strongly that all our classes, especially those related to movement and exercise, are a safe space for our students to learn in a judgment-free environment.  All are welcome to come join us and start moving and grooving!

Here at SopoFUN, we know everyone is an artist at heart. We provide our students the opportunity to explore and discover their creative potential in a fun and supportive setting.


Our professional instructors will guide students through artistic adventures, such as turning something plain into something amazing, creating art out of everyday objects, and making ourselves laugh by attempting to recreate art projects seen in TikTok videos!

Our mission is to provide a judgment-free and light-hearted environment where our students can express themselves and release their inner artists.
We invite you to join us and discover yours!

Learning a language is an exciting and rewarding journey and we want to help open those doors for members of our community.


At Southport FUNdamentals, we offer group foreign language practice sessions that focus on the flow of conversation.


Our language-focused sessions are meant to be a relaxed and fun environment for students to learn and practice with others.

Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of a language or brush up on your conversation skills with others, southportFUNdamentals is here to help.


Let's talk!

Southport FUNdamentals offers classes for adults that focus on a range of topics at convenient times that fit into busy schedules. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey and that kids shouldn't have all the fun--after all, adults also want to feel the ZING that comes from learning something new! 

Our classes are designed to foster growth, curiosity, and understanding. We offer classes on a huge range of topics such as DE&I, art, history, leadership, business-focused legal issues, finance, and more.

Our classes are taught by experienced professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of their subject matter and are united in their goal to help students of all ages "level up" while having fun.

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