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Let's PARTY!

Whether celebrating a birthday, a graduation, an upcoming wedding, or welcoming a new baby, we offer a party space that acts as a  blank canvas for you to create the perfect party.


We offer a 3,000 square foot party space on two levels that is fully customizable to fit your needs. Move what you need to move, and let us know how we can help make it a great day for the guest of honor AND the party planners.

We keep our pricing simple.

  • We charge $250 for a 1.5-hour party, or $300 for a 2-hour party.

    • If you want a longer party, we'll simply add $50 for each additional half hour.

  • All private rentals include two 30-minute buffers (before for set-up, after for break-down). 

    • That means, you have the entire space for 2.5 hours in total if you book a 1.5-hour party.

    • Those who book 2-hour parties, have the entire space for 3 hours in total.

  • On the day of the party, you'll bring your own food/drinks/decorations/disposables to suit your theme and you can move our furniture (including folding tables/stools for seating) to your liking.


We keep the booking process simple, too.

If you aren't the "DIY" type, we are here to help!

 Ms. Risa, your ultimate party buddy (and event planning compatriot), will be happy to brainstorm ideas or share contact info for people you can hire if you want something special such as balloon artists, face painters, art teachers, music teachers, karaoke jockeys, DJs, magicians, etc. But, that's completely up to you—lots of people have super fun parties at our space without hiring anyone at all, so just go with what works best for you!


That's it. That's all there is to it.

Colorful Birthday Party
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