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A community center located on the north end of Chicago's Southport Corridor neighborhood dedicated to
for kids of all ages (grown-ups too)!

To read about our PROGRAMS or to sign up for your next fun learning experience, click the "REGISTER" button below!

To learn more about
for birthday parties or baby showers, click "PARTIES" button below!

Color Pencils

There are so many ways to have FUN!

At  Southport FUNdamentals, we believe that learning should be a FUN experience. Our students engage in interactive lessons -- taught by funny, kind, engaging INSTRUCTORS -- that help them develop a love for learning.  With a focus on celebrating progress, rather than perfection, our classes offer students of all ages (yes, even grown ups) the opportunity to explore and learn in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Please visit our REGISTER page to learn more about the programs we offer.

Or, take a look at our PARTIES page to learn more about private rentals!

Give us a try, you might just have a little fun!

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